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You can check Atiu Villas availability, make your booking, get the best rates, pay, check, change and receive confirmation instantly on this website. More importantly and unlike agent websites, you can book those special extras, that make your holiday more enjoyable, like airport transfers, meals, tours, vehicles or our fabulous all inclusive Atiu Island Encounter package.  These are only available when booking on-line through this website.   To use our Internet booking engine, just click on the relevant action below. By booking on-line you could qualify for either our early booking (more than 12 weeks out) or late booking (within 7 days of arrival) discount on accommodation rates. This can save you 15% or 40% of the cost of accommodation.

Idea - use our Atiu Island Encounter package if you are gifting someone an all inclusive holiday or if you want everything included.

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Booking by Email

We use secure "Thawte" encryption for on-line booking but some on the other hand don't like using theInternet for doing credit card transactions. In this case Contact Us at making sure to give all details - like your names, arrival date, departure date, number of persons requiring accommodation. We will acknowledge by email giving availability and cost. After that, you will need to phone us authorisation to debit your VISA or MasterCard card. Remember we need your card name, number and expiry date. Alternatively, we can send you an email invoice that you can easily pay with most credit cards or Paypal.  We will then confirm your booking.

Booking by Phone

Our country code is 682 plus Phone 33 777. Note: Atiu time is GMT - 10 hours. For your flights to and from Atiu Island check Air Rarotonga below.


Rates valid from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.
For rates outside these dates check when using our booking engine
* Based on NZ$1.40 = US$1

  Standard Villa Family Villa
Single $220 $150 $260 $180
Twin $220 $150 $260 $180
Extra person $20 $14 $20 $14

Early Booking (more than 12 weeks before arrival) 15% discount and Late Booking (less than 7 days before arrival) 40% discount

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Airport transfers, flower ei greeting, mini-tour and orientation NZ$30 per person.  Please let us know your arrival time.

Two-course evening meals at Kura's Kitchen NZ$33 per person.

Atiu Island Cultural night with two-course evening meal, 10 or more people NZ$43 per person.

Bicycles NZ$10 per 24 hours.

Scooters NZ$25 per 24 hours (includes fuel).

4WD car/jeep NZ$55 per 24 hours (includes fuel).

Kopeka bird cave tour $40 per person.

Eco-tour with Birdman George NZ$50 per person, This tour  includes lunch and if taken on Sunday includes a "Restaurant on the Beach" of local food from his umu (earth oven) at 4pm.  It is possible to join this restaurant on Sunday at $25 per person.

Island Discovery tour NZ$55 per person (includes light lunch).

Burial Cave tour NZ$35 per person.

Lagoon Fishing NZ$30 per person.

Atiu Island Coffee tour NZ$30 per person.

Tumunu Tour NZ$20 per person.

There are more tours available.

All inclusive Encounter package of transfers, bicycles or scooter, meals, tours, Tumunu and inclusions in any activity that is happening on the island (minimum 3 day stay) NZ$140 per person per day.

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Air Rarotonga is the only air carrier to Atiu. Flights can leave Rarotonga for Aitutaki every day and from Rarotonga to Atiu on Monday, Thursday and Saturday but when there is demand every day except Sunday. There are also flights from Aitutaki to Atiu on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Flights depart Atiu for Rarotonga on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. When there is a lot of traffic around holidays extra flights happen, so if you are traveling at these times it pays to check for extra flights. Conversely, when there is insufficient demand for a flight or it is the off season, flights can be canceled.

 Period 17 January to 31 December 2017

Day Flight Departs Arrives Atiu Flight Departs Atiu Arrives
Monday* GZ1627 Aitutaki 10:10 10:55 GZ1633 11:15 Rarotonga 12:00
Monday GZ634 Rarotonga 11:00 11:45 GZ635 12:05 Rarotonga 12:50
Wednesday GZ1632 Rarotonga 9:00 9:45 GZ1626 10:00 Aitutaki 10:45
Wednesday GZ1627 Aitutaki 11:00 11:45 GZ1633 12:00 Rarotonga 12:45
Friday* GZ1627 Aitutaki 10:10 10:55 GZ1633 11:15 Rarotonga 12:00
Saturday GZ634 Rarotonga 11:00 11:45 GZ635 12:05 Rarotonga 12:50

Note the new flight departing Rarotonga 9am Wednesdays and traveling Rarotonga to Atiu to Aitutaki to Atiu to Rarotonga. This means you can travel both ways between Atiu and Aitutaki on a Wednesday. 

*For the low season January 18 to 31 March 2019 these flights do not operate.

During the festive holiday season December 9 to January the 18 there are flights every day except Sunday.

For a complete 2016 flight schedule download PDF

Atiu return flight from NZ$426,
Rarotonga to Atiu to Aitutaki to Rarotonga flight from $654.
Valid as at 1st February 2018.

Direct Flight Bookings

Air Rarotonga
Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
Ph (682) 22888
Fax (682) 23288
Within the Cook Islands Ph 0800 6666

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