Villa larders

Each villa comes with a larder stocked with many of the items you can get at the island stores.  We endeavour to keep a consistent selection of goods but sometimes because of shipping, use by dates and unavailability of the item in Rarotonga and on Atiu we cannot supply the exact item. Often we will supply a substitute product so if you are prepared to try new products and foods you will enjoy the experience.  Otherwise you could bring your own favoured brands.

A typical list of what is in your villa is shown opposite. It shows the number of each item in your villa and the price. The prices are about the same as you would pay for the same item in the local store.  You pay for only what use when you check out. There is no huge markup.  We endevour to keep your villa larders fully stocked as per the shown Stocklist. If the item is out of stock it may be substituted with an alternative product.

Some of these items in your larder you may be unfamiliar with.  Chow chow is a 400gm jar of pickled vegetables. Cereal are single portion size packets of breakfast cereal. Noodles are 100gm packets of instant noodles. Spaghetti/Noodles are dried egg noodles. Frozen bread is a loaf of fresh sliced bread from Aitutaki. "Bk" means "Book" and are books about Atiu, Cook Islands shipping, the Kopeka bird cave, our island of Takutea and short stories about the pacific islands.  The Story Board, Staff God and Itimanuka are carving hanging on your villa walls and are for sale.  Atiu Island Coffee is hand made and fire roasted coffee made locally on Atiu.  Mosquito Coils are spirals of sawdust impregnated with insecticide which you light with a match and place inside the mosquito coil holder.  The vapour from these lighted coils kill mosquitoes, give you protection from mosquito bites for about 8 hours and can be used outside if placed upwind.

If you run out of a product in your villa larder we do have a cupboard store on site from which you can purchase any item to replenish your larder.

You do not have to cook your own meals in the evenings as you can always savour a meal from Kura's Kitchen, our on-site evening restaurant and bar.  On Sunday Kura's Kitchen is closed but then you could try something new - Birdman George's restaurant on the beach.